Our approach to safety, along with the dedication of our employees, has resulted in an industry leading total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of “0” since 2011.

At 5D Mining, we use our Incident and Injury-Free (IIF) culture as a means to ensure a safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace; this is a behavior-based process that encourages and empowers us all to champion safety for ourselves and the people around us. We train our employees that they are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. We hold them accountable for preparing work plans, developing hazard risk analysis (HRA), and for stopping work if necessary to eliminate a hazard before it causes an incident or injury.

Safe production—not, safety and production—is our motto. Safe production means that our employees instinctively incorporate safety from the pre-bid process right down through the implementation of our work plans. It means our employees are not only empowered, but are compelled to speak to an unsafe or unhealthy work practice or condition. Our employees and subcontractors will return home to their families each night, absent a workplace injury or illness, and we will protect the environment during the execution of our work plans.


We have a full-time staff of safety professionals that are certified Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) instructors working with all our employees to ensure everyone arrives to work safe, conducts there work safely, and returns to their families safe. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and MSHA training is conducted annually utilizing our MSHA approved training course.

Hazard Risk Analysis

We conduct a HRA during the bid development phase of every project to ensure we capture all known hazards and anticipated risks prior to ever submitting a bid. From the HRA, we develop a plan to mitigate each of the identified hazards, whether anticipated or real, and incorporate this into the project execution plan. We review the hazard risk analysis with our clients, and their assigned safety professionals, prior to ever starting a project to ensure we have captured, reviewed, and mitigated all know hazards. We then review the HRA with each employee prior to any work being performed.

Bottom Up/Top Down

Our approach to safety is also centered around a bottom up/top down approach. Our employees in the field flow concerns, needs, and ideas up to management to better our safety culture; while, from the top down flows safety requirements, goals, and direction.


Presented the “Southern Arizona Best of the Best” safety award from the CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company for having perfect workplace safety, 2011-2015.